Industrial.DJ is has added 2 more of the best DJs I can find willing to spend time giving live DJ sets to the community, because somebody has to, right?

In the interest of finding any little way to help get a little funding toward my insane medical expenses, to give something back to the DJs helping make Industrial.DJ become more and to help allow us to afford to continue as well as to grow and find more great things to share with the community…

We have created a Patreon!

Become a Patron!

There are a lot of cool benefits already and many more coming! Join now & don’t miss out! Click that button above while you’re here and get started. If you’re on this site already – you’ll be glad you did.

SL Hangout / Club Opening Soon!

It’s called “The Link” – Park your pixels

Web site link

I know it was only about a week of building, almost no planning and about a week poking at DJs but the schedule isn’t bare, we’ve done test runs and they were a blast. I think/hope most people had a pleasant time. That’s the whole point. Fridays are basically packed. The rest of the week is coming along nicely as well. Check out the site to grab the TP link and have a look around!


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